Halloween is a season full of festivities, celebrations, and other activities.  It’s a time of year for mischief and frivolity. There are theme choices, costume dilemmas, and decoration considerations when celebrating Halloween So, deciding where and when to go for a Halloween party can be complicated.  However, with a Halloween escape room, you can now have unlimited fun with your friends and family. This article will tell you how to celebrate Halloween with your friends and family.

Honour the Spookiest Day: 4 Things You Can Do In a Day

A poster on how to celebrate halloween with a halloween escape room Let’s walk you through every stage of the process, from choosing the ideal genre to calling every thrill-seeking friend for an unforgettable experience.

1. Call Everyone: Sharing Joy 

Social connections have countless advantages that spread from person to person. If you are worried that the neighbours might laugh at you for trying to trick or treat, when it comes to Halloween, you’re an adult in every sense but a child at heart. When you’re too old to trick or treat, there are still plenty of adult-only ways to celebrate Halloween and have fun with friends. What’s even better, you can ask the kids in your family and neighbourhood to join you for the adventure. Once you gather everyone, you can start the day with food, costumes, a Halloween escape room, trick or treat, and end it with a movie night.

2. Halloween-themed Escape Room

Celebrate Halloween by opting for Halloween escape room by following these steps:

Choose a Theme

Feel the chills down your spine with The Crypt, offered by scary escape rooms in Mississauga. Because there are so many deceased bodies resting there that were bitten by the Vampire, sometimes quietly and sometimes not. This Halloween escape room gets you a peek at one of the most horror escape games. Remember, there is a vampire that lives here, and you play a vampire hunter with the duty to kill the monster before the sun sets.  The tales of this Vampire are based on first-hand accounts from visitors. As you embark on this journey with your fellow hunters, you need to find the evil within a hallowed building.

Wear Costumes

No age group is inappropriate for costuming. The Crypt is a vampire-themed story where the players are vampire hunters. You can wear the costume of a vampire hunter with the items easily available at home. For instance, men can don a faded dark-coloured sweater or shirt and some old jeans.  Apply a small amount of bronzer or brown face paint on your face, then use a torch as a guide and a necklace made of garlic cloves to fend off any predators.  Pose wooden stakes or imitation knives on a tool belt as a final accent. Similarly, women can wear something feminine like a dark-coloured, worn-out dress or skirt.  Smear mascara, eyeliner, and bronzer on your face to create the illusion that you’ve gone hunting in the spooky locations.  Garlic jewelry, such as a necklace, bracelet, and earrings, as well as weapons, can be worn. Complete your vampire hunter outfit by adding a fake map for tracking vampires. In the Halloween escape room, you’ll find staff workers to take your pictures with The Crypt in the backdrop.

Size of the Halloween Escape Room 

A lot more people to discuss ideas and develop new puzzle solutions within a larger group To search the rooms and uncover clues, there are additional hands, ears, and eyes.  But a team this size will soon discover that personality types are essential to their success and that team cohesion is more vital than the skill of any individual player.  If you’re willing to cooperate and communicate, leading a big group in a Halloween escape room can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences. The Crypt allows 2-6 players at a time to solve the puzzles and kill the vampire. Our vampire hunters have a tendency to be a little wild.  To make sure they don’t get too carried away and get themselves into trouble, we have set clear limits for a safe and secure Halloween escape room area.  To avoid disappointment, the hunters will find the bats in the main locations of scary escape rooms in Mississauga. Learn more: 6 Strategies for Winning in Escape Rooms

Trick Or Treat from Halloween Escape Games 

We know that adults abstain from participating in the candied fun.  Therefore, The Crypt gives everyone a chance to win chocolates by finding bats hidden in different spots. The more bats you find in the scary escape rooms in Mississauga, the more chocolates you receive in the end to double the joy of triumph.

Cost of Scary Escape Rooms in Mississauga

The average cost of a Halloween escape room lies between the range of $30 to $45. For two-person booking, the cost of The Crypt is $35.40 for an individual. To avail of an exclusive price cut for Halloween, customers can use this discount code “Halloween10”. To know more about the pricing model of a Halloween escape room, here is our blog on How Much Does An Escape Room Cost In Toronto: Escape Room Price

3. Plan a Halloween Dinner

A table full of Halloween theme party food After an exciting day at the Halloween escape game, you will need to restore your stamina with a hearty meal. A sleek dining setting with a hint of edge is created when gleaming silverware is used with black tableware.  Other deep tablecloth colours, including shades of burgundy or eggplant, can also be effective. An alternative would be to use a black table runner over white linen to create contrast. Classic white candles in black candle holders will counterbalance your use of dark hues.  A distinctive centrepiece can be made by stacking attractive, creepy objects like decorative skulls, twigs, and branches.  Additionally, consider adding fake bats to the rest of your decor or filling black vases with withered flowers to elevate your table.

Easy To Make Dinner Options 

Five super easy dishes to have after a Halloween escape room adventure include: Enchiladas with Pumpkin seeds salsa Monster burgers with blood red sauce and olive eyes  Spider Web Guacamole  Pumpkin Cheese Balls Halloween-themed pizza These dishes can be planned ahead and will be ready in 30 minutes after you get home from the Halloween escape room.  Whether you’ll be devouring the pumpkin pie or eating the hard-earned chocolates from the Halloween escape room, dessert is certainly covered for the evening. 

4. Organize a Horror Movie Marathon 

Teenagers watching scary escape room movies Why not have a marathon movie night if you want to avoid all celebratory-induced partying to feel the fear of the paranormal?  After coming back from the Halloween escape room, make a list of Halloween-related movies and your beloved childhood films. Watch films on TV or project them onto a blank wall.  Arrange candies with candy corn and gummy worms. Go back to wearing your cozy sweatpants to avoid having to dress up in a costume you don’t like. It’s not an obligation to watch a movie that involves a young adolescent learning about witchcraft in a desperate final attempt to save a parallel universe full of unbelievable monsters. You can watch the best scary horror escape room movies, rom-com or even thrillers with your friends.  If you want to try our recommendation on eerie movies, read our blog on Escape Room Movies: Exercise Your Grey Cells.

Join a Halloween Escape Room at Hint Hunt Today

The Crypt Escape Room Mississauga At Hint Hunt Canada, we are celebrating Halloween in good spirits by offering discounts and providing you with treats. During Halloween, our escape rooms will have secret treasures that you can find to win treats and chocolates. So, join us for our Halloween Heist and benefit from our scary escape rooms in Mississauga. For more information, contact us or book your Halloween escape room slot today.


What is an escape room for Halloween?

A Halloween escape room is a type of themed adventure game where players must go through difficulties and solve puzzles to get out of the horror escape room.

Are Escape Rooms for Halloween open all year long?

Halloween escape rooms are offered in the weeks preceding Halloween and are seasonal. For instance, you can visit The Crypt all year round, but the Halloween theme is only for the month of October.

Is there anything specific I need to know to finish a Halloween escape room?

Cooperation, problem-solving, and communication are some skills for getting out of scary escape rooms in Mississauga.

How big of a group does a Halloween escape room accommodate?

Although it can vary according to the escape room, groups of two to eight people are usually the target audience.  In some places, larger rooms may also be available for larger groups.

In Conclusion 

No matter what age you are, you can celebrate Halloween in full swing with a Halloween escape room. You can get together and celebrate the day with your loved ones to create memories that will last forever.  So, if you have no plans for Halloween and don’t want to spend the festivity by going on an evening stroll looking at the decorations, check out The Crypt.  There won’t be a better time to visit scary escape rooms in Mississauga as a sweet twist is waiting for you. To get the experience of a lifetime, contact us to get the answers to your questions.