As numerous people head to cinemas to enjoy the Halloween season, this is the perfect time to highlight escape room movies.

Escape room movies have everything required to be cinemas’ mainstay, considering how they engage most of our senses.

If you have learned a thing or two about an escape room from escape games in Canada, we have a surprise for you.

In this article, you will find a few recommendations to bring your fears to your face in the wee hours. 

Let’s get fascinated together!

Escape Room Movies That Belong To Your Watchlist 

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Here are six movies you need to watch:

1. Cube 

Let’s start the list of escape room movies from the pioneer of such movies–Cube.

Five individuals are trapped in a maze of deadly traps that could kill them at any time.

At first glance, it appears to be very violent. But what sets the movie apart from the other escape room movies is that it never depends solely on its gory killings to create tension. 

Cube’s unsettling philosophical concepts and the persistent fright that the people inside its little confines may turn against one another at any time engage the viewer’s mind.

2. Saw

The most well-known of all escape room movies, in which players must obey orders and take part in a game of murderers. 

There is rarely an opportunity to escape the tough riddle, and the cost of completing it is always expensive. 

This film is classic since it continues to influence horror filmmakers today.

The escape room movie begins in a locked public restroom. 

It is two o’clock, according to a wall clock. Leg irons are used to shackle two men to opposing walls.

One character in this captive escape room is Dr. Gordon and the other is Adam.

A dead body lies in a pool of blood in the middle of the floor. A tape recorder, a saw, and a revolver are next to the body. 

For a long while, the corpse’s identity is a mystery, but the cassette recording serves a useful purpose: it tells both men that Dr. Gordon must kill Adam before the given time, or else his wife and daughter will be killed.

3. Exam

Eight contenders are vying for a highly sought-after corporate position. The last exam is administered to them while they are imprisoned in an exam room. 

This is one of the escape room movies that will remind you of your nightmare before the exam day.

They have to observe the three guidelines and respond to one question. Seems simple, but what exactly is the question?

As the movie progresses, the competition becomes about life and death, leaving people scared.

4. No Escape / Follow Me (2020)

The movie’s main lead is a social media celebrity with millions of followers, who recently marked his tenth year of sharing his travelogues online. 

With a wealthy Russian admirer, one of the hero’s friends has set up for the protagonist and his crew to participate in a brand-new escape room to mark the event. 

As it is one of the horror escape room movies, it stands to reason that the main character’s escape room adventure does not go as planned.

If you like horror themes, escape games in Canada pack a charge for you.

5. The Game 

For those who like to watch puzzles in a movie, be sure to watch this.

The story is about Investment banker Nicholas Van Orton, who will soon turn 48 and is an arrogant and affluent man. 

His brother Conrad rewards him for it by giving him a voucher for a game through the odd organization Consumer Recreation Services, or CRS.

Nick is denied entry into the game following a rigorous medical and psychological evaluation—or is he?

The lines between reality and the game become so hazy that the banker’s life begins to spin out of control. 

Nick must fight to get the truth to survive the game. These escape room movies are interesting because of the movie tropes, including puzzles and other elaborate details.

6. Circle (2015)

More than a dozen people awaken simultaneously in a pitch-black nothingness. Above all, no one knows anyone. 

The strangers instantly discover that they are a part of some sick experiment that compels them to choose one person to die every two minutes, despite not knowing how they got there or who they even are.

The chaos leads to everyone trying to deceive, bargain, or rationalize their way to survival. 

The movie is a well-crafted mystery that invites audiences to speculate about how they would react in such a circumstance.

List of Escape Room Movies 

Are you searching for how many escape room movies are there? 

If you want more suggestions for movies like escape games in Canada, then these movies will give you joy and jump:

  • Fermat’s Room (2007)
  • Would You Rather (2012)
  • Nerve (2016)
  • The Hunt (2020)
  • Maze Runner movies
  • House of 9 (2004)
  • Nine Dead (2009)
  • Truth or Dare (2018)
  • Truth or Die (2012)
  • Breathing Room (2008)
  • Meander (2020)
  • Raze (2013)
  • The Belko Experiment (2016)
  • The Method (2005)
  • Cheap Thrills (2012)
  • Chariot (2013)
  • Scare Campaign (2016)


Are films about escape rooms based on actual encounters with escape rooms?

Although the idea of escape rooms in real-life escape rooms is the inspiration for escape room films, they are mostly made up and intended for amusement. 

What is the horror genre in escape room movies?

A lot of escape room movies feature elements of the thriller, suspense, and horror genres since the actors encounter gruesome scenarios and nerve-racking obstacles. 

What are some of the themes in the escape room movies?

Surviving, working together, solving mysteries, and examining human nature under pressure are all themes in escape room movies. 

The Bottom Line 

So, this was our list of the escape room movies that cause a feeling of euphoria.

Allowing yourself to fully immerse yourself in the experience of these escape room movies will help you lessen any stress. 

Speaking of immersive experiences, fans of thrillers can visit escape games in Canada to live in a movie for an hour.

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