Do you know the glorious history of escape rooms and where the first escape room center was? Do you know why Canadians love escape games so much? 

The first escape room center was built in Japan in the early 2000. A company called Scrap built the first escape room center in Japan with the name Takao Kato, and since then, the popularity of escape games has only increased.

What started off as a simple escape room center in Asia has traveled all the way to Canada and has become one of the most exciting and enthralling places that keep everyone on their toes. 

Spend the most exciting day of your life in one of the most adventure-filled mississauga escape room center!

Are you tired of your dull academic life and done with boring corporate lunches and hangouts? Gather your friends and spend the most exciting day of your life in one of the best escape rooms in canada. Hint Hunt is an escape room center that brings its visitors four live escape games, giving them an amazing dose of adrenaline and keeping them on edge.

Located in the bustling city of Mississauga, Hint Hunt gives its visitors a once-in-a-lifetime experience with uniquely themed escape rooms that put them in situations they have never imagined and test their problem-solving, decision-making, teamwork, and leadership skills.

So are you ready to test your limits by participating in one of the most adventure-filled mind games mississauga?

Hint Hunt has built a reputation for having the most unique, innovative, challenging, and advanced escape room center in canada and for giving incredible experiences and services to every visitor by filling their every second with excitement. Throughout the game session, you will be wondering what will happen next, and the clock’s ticking sound will make your heart beat like a drum.

Our designers have spent months designing one escape room, and your goal is to find a way to escape from it in just one hour by solving puzzles, gathering hints, and working as a team. At Hint Hunt, only teamwork can make the escape work, as no one can escape alone!

Our mississauga game store not only gives you an unforgettable experience, but you will also leave with a lot of memories and invaluable life lessons like never giving up, trusting your instincts, looking for a way out of situations even when it feels impossible, and the importance of teamwork.


Hint Hunt has three rooms with four different games that will change your definition of escape games! We want to give you a totally unique experience and take you on adventures that will exceed your imagination and expectations. Every game has a completely different setup, from ambiance to puzzles and hints, but every game comes with a guarantee of a wholesome and unforgettable experience.


Imagine you are deep in the ocean inside a submarine, everything looks dark and scary, and all you want to do is go back to the surface level. All of a sudden, you get to know that the engine of your submarine has failed. You are sinking deeper and deeper, and there is no way out of it except to find the reactor and turn the engine back on. The scariest part is that you have to do all of that in one hour, as only 1 hour of oxygen is left in the submarine. You and your crew have to work in collaboration, as only your wit, teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making can help you win this ultimate battle of survival and escape this submarine unharmed.

Sounds nerve-wracking, terrifying, and nail-biting, right? Get to experience all this in one of the most difficult and adventurous escape room center in canada. Hint Hunts’s Submarine Deep Down is nothing like your traditional escape games, as you and your crew have to utilize your pattern-finding and analytical skills to find your way out!


Imagine you are locked inside an apartment of a spide soul with malicious intent who is also a suspect in a robbery. You only have one hour to investigate, solve the case, and escape the apartment. Can you do all this in 60 minutes? Challenge your limits in the Zen Room- One of the best traditional escape rooms in canada that gives its visitors a thrilling experience that stays with them for life.

If you are a fan of classic escape games with traditional puzzles, padlocks, keypads, and combination locks, then you will love Hint Hunt’s Zen Room, as it is constructed like a traditional Japanese apartment and keeps your adrenaline level high until you successfully escape the room.


Imagine you are in the deep ocean with an enemy lurking around you, but you are at peace because you have a torpedo and a fellow submarine to ensure your protection, but all of a sudden, you get to know that your fellow submarine is lost and your enemy can attack you anytime. You just have an hour to follow the emergency procedure of loading the torpedo, and you have to ensure that you complete all steps and only launch the torpedo when needed. Sounds thrilling, right?

Go on a rollercoaster ride of thrill, terror, fear, excitement, and adventure with Hint Hunt’s Submarine Torpedo. A rare adventure that is nothing like your traditional escape games, and the thrill will keep you up for nights.


Imagine how it would feel to get trapped in the crypt of a vampire who stalks for new victims’ blood after every sunset, and there is no way out of the crypt except killing the vampire while he’s still asleep, and you only got one hour to do this. Will you be able to kill the vampire, or will you become the next addition to his list of victims?

Hint Hunt’s Crypt revolves around the classic vampire tale and keeps the visitors’ excitement and panic level high until they kill the vampire.


Hint Hunts escape games are not only great for a group of friends but can give a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience to corporate employees and give them a chance to do fun-filled activities that will help them in bonding with each other and learn more about each other’s working style.