Different forms of entertainment and leisure offers are available around the globe to help the players enjoy themselves and have a great time. However, some games and leisure activities have become cross-national, becoming part of many cultures. One such example is the escape room. Currently, escape room games are offered worldwide and adapted into many different forms. Additionally, both private and corporate escape room games are organized by providers to meet the clients’ varying needs. This article will cover the details about escape rooms, including:


As the name suggests, the escape room is a physical version of the escape-the-room video games. These video games were based on people finding clues to help them escape an enclosed environment. Similarly, in an escape room, participants are pooled together inside an enclosed environment where they must collaborate and help each other find clues, guides, and other supportive material to find their way out of the room. Such escape rooms are called live escapes, escape games, and exit games. However, it must be noted that most escape rooms may have other tasks apart from escaping. Similarly, there is no restriction on the number of rooms or settings involved in a single game.


In an escape room, participants usually are not competing against each other. Instead, they are cooperating as teams to escape the enclosed room. However, one game variant involves people forming different teams inside the room, with the team escaping first winning the game. Most games are set in fictional locations that have been specifically created for these games.

At the start of the game, players are provided with a brief introduction to the rules. The introduction may be provided physically or using a digital medium. Then, the players are pooled in the room, and the timer begins. Some escape rooms also involve time-based challenges emerging within the room from time to time. In some cases, specific skills may be required to solve the puzzles involved in the escape room. For example, you may need to solve mathematical equations or be well-versed in basic chemistry.

In some cases, you may ask for a limited number of hints. Such hints are delivered in various forms, including audio messages, written notes, or live help from the gamemaster.


Previously, other forms of entertainment included aspects of the escape rooms in them. For example, people were used to enjoying taking part in scavenger hunts, haunted houses, and interactive theatre. Generally, an escape room combines elements from all these aspects into a single game. Additionally, clues have to be located in a single room that is much different compared to scavenger hunts spanning over different areas. The oldest known form of the modern escape room was the True Dungeon in Indianapolis in July 2003. This game has similar elements compared to the modern True Dungeon.

Next, the Real Escape Game (REG) was established by Takao Kato in Japan. After the development of this company, escape rooms were popularized in many areas, including Singapore and Australia. Currently, more than 50,000 escape rooms have been established worldwide, a number that is increasing at a progressive pace.


Escape rooms are generally very safe given that there are no harmful aspects involved. Similarly, emergencies can be dealt with immediately with many people inside the same room. In most cases, the rooms are closely monitored as well. However, there have been instances where death has occurred in the escape room. For example, fire and gas leaks have caused death and fatal injuries on more than one occasion. However, better standards have been introduced to make escape rooms safer with time. Similarly, most rooms are monitored throughout to ensure safety and emergency response.


Escape rooms are not just fun activities. Instead, they involve many practical benefits as well. Here, we will discuss a few of the most important benefits of escape rooms:

  • Teambuilding can become easier through escape rooms. Many corporations arrange escape rooms for their new employees to help them bond together and find ways to work together effectively.
  • Escape rooms can help relieve a lot of stress. Practical activities like escape rooms are an excellent way to remove stress. They can help everyone become relaxed and revitalized for work in most cases.
  • Most escape rooms are highly affordable. Therefore, it becomes easier for corporations to utilize them compared to other team-building activities that can be comparatively more expensive.


Although each escape room is different, some common tricks can work in most escape rooms. These tricks relate to how the escape room should be approached and the right method to spend the time inside.

First, it is important to divide team tasks. The time inside the escape room is limited. Therefore, without proper division of tasks, everyone might repeat the same actions to no real benefit anyone. Similarly, determining the locations that each person will check is important. Try to mention the zones of each person and switch zones at least once. This way, nothing would be left out by anyone. It is also important to check everything. Don’t miss out on checking something just because it looks trivial. Some of the most important clues can be in the most common places. Another related trick here is to approach the clues with an open mind.


Escape rooms are an excellent form of entertainment and can make you feel relaxed in the most stressful times. Also, they can help with collaborative teambuilding and ensure that employees in a corporation can work well with each other. It is important to ensure that the game is approached in the right way to enhance the chances of winning. Let us know if the article was helpful.