Escape rooms are one of the most widely loved forms of entertainment that also help build team spirit. Corporations take benefit of escape rooms to help new employees become acquainted and learn to work together to solve challenges. However, the games aren’t easy and require much hard work to complete. Therefore, players are always looking for ways to excel at escape room games. Here, the article will focus on the best strategies and tips that can help you win at escape rooms, including:

  • Team Selection Must be Effective
  • Planning and Time Management
  • Positivity Towards the Game
  • Room Rules
  • Always Consider the Remaining Time
  • Determination and Consistency
  • Interact Properly
  • Avoid Taking Over the Entire Room
  • Clues Synchronize Together


Remember, until and unless you have an effective team right by your side, you are very unlikely to win at escape rooms. Why? First, there is usually a time limit. A single person can’t complete everything himself. Second, you can get an in-depth perspective of everyone and make informed decisions with the right set of people around you. All these factors can help ensure that the escape room can be won easily. If you are in a corporate environment with new employees, consider getting details about each person and what they are good at before playing the game. Remember, knowing your team is a prime determinant of your success here.


First, it is important to plan your game effectively. Consider learning about the escape room you are about to be a part of and consider how approaching the escape room in different ways would work out. Then, focus on being at the escape room on time. Being late would mean that you are already behind the scheduled game. In other words, you start with a  disadvantage that can minimalize your chances of winning at the game. Therefore, being on time with a proper strategy is one of the prime determinants of success.


Remember, escape rooms are tough. It is often the case that there are decoy items and meaningless clues to distract the team. Such items often lead to dead ends. Instead of getting frustrated or angry, try thinking about the areas where you messed up. That way, finding the right direction ahead becomes a lot easier. Likewise, it is important to know how the game processes as well. Every member of your team is working towards a common goal. Therefore, staying positive and boosting the team morale can help you gain the best outcome in minimal time.


A set of rules governs escape rooms. Remember, many rules may vary between different escape rooms. For example, you may not be allowed to touch or interact with certain items in certain escape rooms. If such rules are not considered carefully, you may end up interacting with those items, causing penalties like time loss or lost hints. Additionally, reviewing the rules also helps you find different things that can benefit you and help you complete the maze easily. For example, there may be a hint system or certain levels in the escape room, after which different perks may become available for the next level.


Most people are good at finding clues and putting things into perspective. However, they lose escape rooms due to mismanagement of time. Remember, the clock is always ticking, and usually, the time runs out faster when in escape rooms. At the start of the escape room, try dividing your time into different phases of the effort. Also, in case you hit rock bottom, consider dividing the remaining time according. Mismanagement of time can be a prime determinant of losses in escape rooms. Therefore, always be on your toes when the clock starts ticking.


Inside the escape room, two qualities that will lead to success are determination and consistency. Usually, when you are focused on one thing consistently, random thoughts may start to occur in your mind. When such happens, tell yourself that the random thoughts can wait for a few hours, but the escape room will not have another chance at the time. Similarly, consider that every group member depends on your high-end performance as well. Stay responsible for your actions to bring about the best results.


When inside the escape room, try interacting with everything around you that is not forbidden. Also, inspect every item closely. Usually, the most important clues are found in the most unexpected areas. For example, you may see a normal home décor item. However, consider picking it, examining it, and checking the hidden spots in it as well. Similarly, a great way to find clues is to interact with the walls and inspect them properly. In many cases, there are safe hiding spots built into the walls of the escape room, making it difficult to find the clues hidden in them.


Although some people are naturally born leaders, everyone is equal inside the escape room. If your team members feel that you are overwhelming them too much, they may lose interest in the activity. Therefore, the best way ahead is to consider giving everyone their space. Remember, there is a difference between giving suggestions and imposing suggestions. It is crucial to avoid the latter when inside the escape room. Similarly, if a team member takes a different approach to the solution, let them do it. They may have something in their mind which can benefit the team.


A common trick used by most escape rooms is to give two-way clues related to the game. First, they are separate clues that lead you to the next clue. Secondly, they all may come together to form one huge clue to help find an important connection in the game. Most people fail to realize this connection between the clues. Therefore, they may end up losing significant time in determining the final few blocks to success.


Approaching an escape room the right way is the prime determinant of your success. We hope our tips help you in succeeding at your next escape room!

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