Are you looking for a game that harnesses everyone’s competitive spirit for a friendly competition?

Then, DIY escape room puzzles are awesome for fostering creativity. 

The DIY escape room puzzles can be challenging, thrilling, customizable, and fun. Also, solving the puzzles help people break out of their shell and create stronger bonds.

You can find escape room DIY puzzles terrific ideas for crafting puzzles when throwing a themed escape room party. 

Without wasting a minute, here is a list of DIY escape room puzzles.

5 DIY Escape Room Puzzles to Match Different Genres 

There are no two ways about the fact that escape rooms are unique brain games. The combination of activities in an escape room helps people create fun memories. 

You can create escape room DIY puzzles depending on the theme. To experiment with different genres, you see how escape games in Canada create an organic experience.

Here are some fun DIY escape room puzzles to plan an escape room party for a corporate or domestic set-up.

1. Compose Spy-Themed DIY Escape Room Puzzles 

A spy-themed jigsaw puzzle piece

Using invisible ink for creating puzzles is a method that works for every theme. 

You can order invisible ink from the market or make your own at home using the following steps:

  • Squeeze a lemon into a small bowl.
  • Mix it with water. 
  • Thoroughly mix the concoction until it is fully combined.
  • Wet the end of the cotton swab or a paintbrush with the mixture.
  • Scribble down a clue on a piece of paper with the tool you are using for writing.
  • Wait for the paper to dry out.
  • Hold the paper up to a light to read the phrase you have written. 

Ensure the room has a lamp, candle, or flashlight so people solving the puzzle can read the message. 

Test the DIY escape room puzzles you create with this method by reading the message beforehand.

2. Use Optical Illusions

An optical illusion

You can hide secret messages on a glass surface for DIY escape room puzzles.

A mirror, drinking glass, picture frame, or window is perfect for this trick.

You can use your bathroom for DIY escape room puzzles, as such clues only appear in a foggy room.

Things You Need 

  • Liquid dishwashing detergent
  • Water
  • Bathroom or hand mirror 
  • Cotton swabs

Make it Work

  • Add a few dishwashing detergent drops to the water in the cup. 
  • Stir well to combine. This is your ink to hide the secret message.
  • Take a cotton swab and dip it into the soapy liquid. 
  • On the mirror, scrawl a brief message as your puzzle for the amazing escape room game. 
  • The message will be invisible after the liquid dries. 
  • Keep the steam inside the bathroom, and close the door.

If you are using a hand mirror, you can add instructions for the problem solvers to blow on the glass surfaces.

3. Lock a Pair of Scissors with a Padlock

This is another one of the affordable and hassle-free ways to create DIY escape room puzzles that you can use anywhere.

The secret code or key to open the padlock should be associated with a previous clue. 

Players should need to utilize the scissors as part of a subsequent clue. 

For instance, you can make them cut a thread to solve a clue or puzzle, but first, they must unlock the scissors.

4. Craft Your Version of Cryptex 

A copper cryptex

The escape rooms in Canada use high-tech gadgets. To come close to that, you can use a cryptex.

You can make cryptex as one of your DIY escape room puzzles by resembling a combination lock. 

The players will have to spin the dials on a cryptex until they reach the right combination. 

Below are the instructions to make a cryptex from a toilet roll:

  • Choose the letters that come together to make a clue.
  • Make sure these letters are in the appropriate column.
  • Paper strips should fit neatly within the toilet roll.
  • Apply a little piece of tape to the ends of the strip after wrapping it around the toilet paper roll.
  • Make a small mark at the same height on both sides of the toilet paper roll.

5. Create an Epic Jigsaw Puzzle

people joining pieces of diy escape room puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are famous for escape games in Canada. You can make your own jigsaw puzzle from letters by shredding them with a shredder or scissors. 

In these types of DIY escape room puzzles, you need:

  • Paper Shredder or a pair of scissors 
  • Tape 

Actions to Take

  • Take shredded paper first. 
  • After writing your letters, split them up into parts. 
  • Use a slightly different colour of the paper or trim the edges to make the letter to make it less difficult to find. 
  • Give the players tape so they can combine the letters together.
  • If you have a shredder for your office, empty the contents of the bin. If not, you can manually tear up the paper. 

You do not need to cut paper as precisely with scissors as you would with a machine.

If you want to add more DIY escape room puzzles, review our blog on seven types of escape room puzzles to expect.


What are some common DIY escape room puzzles?

Math puzzles, ciphers, light puzzles, jigsaw, word puzzles, and so on.

What are escape room kits?

Escape room kits have game templates, puzzles, hints, instructions, and background music to help create an escape room at home.

Is it possible to create an escape room at home?

Yes. Invite players, choose a theme, set up props, create clues with DIY escape room puzzles for adults, and you are good to go.

In a Nutshell

DIY escape room puzzles are simple and cheap to create. The challenging part is organizing the escape room without making it too easy. 

If you want an immaculate experience, escape rooms in Canada offer physical and mental puzzles for brain-teaser junkies.

For intellectual themes designed by their eagle-eyed game masters, visit Hint Hunt Canada with your friends and family.