Escape rooms vary in their plots and difficulty level. Usually, people get many options for escape rooms to match different needs and personalities. 

Everyone wants to finish quickly and look smart when going there with a team. To have the ultimate advantage, players can utilize some useful hacks. 

To boost the chances of winning regardless of the challenges, you can learn some robust escape room strategies.

In this article, we have hand-picked seven tips for escape games in Mississauga to get you out before the clock runs out. 

Let’s dive into the article to learn the best escape room strategies without further delay.

7 Common Strategies For Escape Games in Mississauga

an infographic of a list of seven escape room strategies

Not having any spoilers of the game is a part of the fun in escape rooms. To be an Alpha for the team after the game starts, here is what you need to do:

1. Don’t Let Anxiety Engulf You

As you enter the escape games in Mississauga, it is normal to get confused. Escape rooms have unique designs to make you feel like nothing makes sense in the beginning.

So, don’t let the cluelessness overwhelm you. 

To play the escape games in Mississauga with a sharp mind, you must shift your attention to solving the puzzles.

When negative thoughts flood your mind, your performance drops before and after the game. 

The natural response of your body during such situations is avoidance.

The game can become intense, especially when you have unfinished tasks. 

So, focus while maintaining a clear brain so your emotions don’t interfere with the game.

Remaining confident and calm throughout is one of the most useful escape room strategies.

It also encourages your teammates to push themselves beyond their limits to perform well in the escape room.

2. Execute the End-game Strategy

Many gamemasters say that starting the game from the end is one of the solid escape room strategies.

The secret is to decide on the final goal and decide depending on the results. By working backwards to find the escape, the procedure effectively moves in the direction of a detailed plan. 

Essentially, the outcome helps build the preferred strategy and the mental process towards achieving the goal. 

By doing this, you can reduce the chance of making careless mistakes. And the players work step by step to savour the challenge.

When you discover the locks and the puzzles first, you’ll know what to search for next. 

Depending on the theme, it can be a numeric code or even a key.

This counts as those escape room strategies that make things a bit simple from the start.

If you want to prepare yourself for the unforeseen challenge, read our insights from game designers

3. Verbalize Your Ideas 

The third one from our escape room strategies is not to keep your ideas to yourself.

Ensure everyone knows what is unusual, as it might serve as a clue or a piece of the puzzle for escape games in Mississauga. 

Gather whatever object you come across and show it to the team.

Oftentimes, players have a good sense of how the mysteries fit together, but they don’t share it with their teammates.

If it’s not against the rules, let the team know if an idea comes to your mind so you don’t feel guilty for not telling it after the game.

Even if you are wrong at the moment, it can declutter your mind and help you pick the right thing later.

So, why not give it a try when you visit an escape room?

4. Communication Is Your Weapon

In escape room strategies or any other game plan, communication is mandatory.

From the pre-brief stage to the middle of the game, make sure you ask away everything that you’re uncertain about.

No question is too ridiculous, so put your ego aside. 

Since you want everyone to be productive, you should encourage your team members to inquire. 

You should listen to what your teammates have to say. 

If what they say seems strange yet partly rational, attempt it with them! 

Giving it a shot might bring you closer to the escape. Most importantly, if it’s reversible, you can always undo it.

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5. Keep On Moving

When making a debut in escape games in Mississauga, many players get stuck at one point.

If that happens, don’t hesitate to ask fellow players for hints. You can work on the clues other people are working on.

There are several puzzles, codes and combinations somewhere in the room. Underestimating the time limit by solving the one that takes the longest kills the fun.

Sometimes, clues are concealed in plain sight. Therefore, rather than wasting time on one thing, search for other clues and puzzles.

Additionally, not everything in the escape room is a puzzle. Look for logic instead of going down the rabbit hole.

This is another one of the escape room strategies that help you perform well and keep an eye on time.

6. Don’t Ignore the Looming Time Limit

Generally, escape rooms are one hour long. You won’t get extra minutes for the adventure.

Hence, use your time wisely by remembering the escape room strategies.

Effective time management can help you complete the given mission. 

Monitor the time you spend on each task and divide the tasks based on the difficulty level.

Jump to the most complex ones after you complete the relatively easier tasks.

7. Be Sure To Have Fun

From horror to suspenseful themes, escape rooms are designed so that the players have a blast.

The most satisfying escape games in Mississauga experiences are those where we are unable to leave. 

Solving challenges and not caring about finishing makes the game much more fulfilling. 

Embrace the journey of escape games in Mississauga with your friends rather than immersing in the worries of the result.

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By reading this blog, your every move will be well-calculated.


Are these escape room strategies effective for every theme?

Yes, you can implement these strategies for an escape room for different genres.

How tough an escape room can be?

Escape rooms are meant to be mind-bending, but they are not impossible.

How are escape rooms cleaned?

Usually, the surfaces that come into the most contact are sanitized after every game.

Can I bring food to the escape room?

No. You are in an escape room for a limited time. So, you eat or drink after the game.

In Conclusion 

An escape is a race against time that can be won with the best escape room strategies. 

Are you ready to take on the adventure? Organize a team and book the best escape room.

If you need help determining where to go, we have a solution to that as well.

Hint Hunt Canada has some immensely thrilling themes to feed your curiosity. 

If you have any questions related to escape games in Mississauga, we are happy to help.