Submarine - Torpedo

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You and your crew are locked in Submarine U53. You have lost your fellow submarine and are at the risk of losing them forever. Your enemy is lurking in the vastness of the ocean. Follow the emergency procedure to load the torpedo, ensure all steps are completed and only launch the torpedo when needed.

Difficulty: 4.5 / 5

Upon entering the submarine, you and your crew must solve puzzles in order to move onto the next task. With no physical padlocks and almost no keys, the submarine is not your traditional escape room. Rather than spending a lot of time searching, here you’ll be using what you’ve been given and connecting the dots on how you can use what you find in the submarine to solve the puzzles. A door is locked? A key won’t open it – but solving a puzzle might. You have only 60 minutes to complete all tasks.

3 – 8 players needed.