Submarine Deep Down

In the darkness of the ocean your submarine engine shuts down and you begin sinking, you only have 60 minutes of oxygen left in the submarine. Your crew has to figure out where the reactor is, turn the engine back on and make your escape.

Difficulty: 4 / 5

As soon as you enter the submarine you and your crew have to solve puzzles in order to move on from task to task. The submarine is not your traditional escape room, with no physical padlocks and keys, you are not doing as much searching as you would in your traditional escape room, this is more using what you are given and connecting the dots on how you can use what is in the submarine to solve the puzzles. A door is locked? A key wont open it but solving a puzzle might. You only have 60 minutes to complete all the tasks.

The ideal number of players is 3-8.

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