Are you looking for indoor games for kids to keep them entertained and engaged this summer in Mississauga? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of fifteen fantastic indoor games for kids that will surely captivate your child’s imagination and provide hours of enjoyment.

And guess what? Number one on our list is the thrilling escape room experience!

1. Escape Room Adventure at Hint Hunt – Our Top Pick for Indoor Games for Kids

First on our list for indoor games for kids are escape rooms. Escape rooms have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering an immersive and challenging experience for players of all ages. In Mississauga, there are several escape room venues specially designed to cater to kids’ interests and abilities. These rooms often feature exciting themes like pirates, superheroes, or enchanted forests, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

The concept of an escape room is simple yet exhilarating. Players are “locked” in a themed room and must work together to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and complete tasks within a set time limit to “escape” before time runs out. This not only encourages teamwork and communication but also sharpens problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive way.

One of the top-rated escape room venues for kids in Mississauga is ‘Hint Hunt Canada.’ With multiple themed rooms suitable for various age groups, including a magical wizard’s quest and a thrilling spy adventure, kids will be fully immersed in a world of mystery and intrigue. It’s a perfect way to beat the summer heat while engaging in a mentally stimulating and entertaining activity.

2. Indoor Mini-Golf

Who says you need to be outdoors to enjoy a round of mini-golf? Mississauga boasts several indoor mini-golf facilities that offer a climate-controlled environment for a delightful putting experience. These indoor games for kids often feature creatively designed courses with challenging obstacles, vibrant decorations, and interactive elements, making each hole fun indoor games for kids.

Key benefits of indoor mini-golf include enhancing hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and patience—all while having a blast navigating through tunnels, ramps, and loops. ‘Putting Edge’ at Square One Shopping Centre is a popular choice among families, with its glow-in-the-dark mini-golf courses that transport players to a neon wonderland.

3. Interactive Trampoline Parks

Bounce into excitement at one of Mississauga’s interactive trampoline parks! These indoor playgrounds offer a plethora of trampolines, foam pits, dodgeball courts, and obstacle courses, guaranteeing endless fun in indoor games for kids of all ages.

Trampoline parks are not only a great way to burn off energy but also improve balance, coordination, and motor skills.

‘Launch Trampoline Park’ in Mississauga is a hotspot for families seeking high-flying adventures. From slam dunk zones to ninja warrior courses, kids can jump, flip, and soar to their heart’s content in a safe and supervised environment. It’s a fantastic choice for indoor games for kids. 

4. Board Game Cafés

For a laid-back yet engaging indoor games for kids experience, consider visiting one of Mississauga’s board game cafés. These cozy establishments combine the joy of board games with delicious snacks and beverages, creating a relaxed atmosphere for families to unwind and bond over friendly competition. With a vast selection of classic and modern board games to choose from, there’s something for every age and interest.  

‘MeepleMart’ is a beloved board game café in the heart of Mississauga, offering a welcoming space for families to enjoy tabletop fun. Whether your kids prefer strategic challenges like chess and Settlers of Catan or lively party games like Codenames and Dixit, they’re sure to have a blast strategizing, rolling dice, and discovering new favorites.

5. Virtual Reality Arcades

Step into the future with virtual reality (VR) arcades that transport players into immersive digital worlds. In Mississauga, several arcades specialize in VR experiences, allowing kids to explore fantastical realms, engage in thrilling adventures, and interact with virtual environments like never before. VR technology enhances spatial awareness, decision-making skills, and creativity while offering an exhilarating escape from reality in this indoor games for kids.

‘Ctrl V’ is a leading VR arcade chain with a branch in Mississauga, offering a diverse range of VR games and experiences suitable for various age groups. From thrilling roller coaster rides to epic space battles, kids can dive into a 360-degree virtual universe and embark on unforgettable quests.

6. Creative Arts and Crafts Workshops

Unleash your child’s creativity with hands-on arts and crafts workshops. Many art studios and community centers in Mississauga offer engaging sessions where kids can explore various artistic mediums, from painting and pottery to jewelry making and sculpture. These workshops not only foster artistic skills but also boost self-expression, imagination, and fine motor skills. ‘Visual Arts Mississauga’ is a reputable organization that hosts art programs and workshops tailored for young artists of all levels.

7. Indoor Rock Climbing

For a thrilling and physically challenging indoor game for kids, indoor rock climbing is an excellent choice. Mississauga is home to indoor climbing gyms equipped with climbing walls of varying difficulty levels, ensuring a safe yet exhilarating adventure for kids. Climbing promotes strength, agility, problem-solving, and confidence as youngsters navigate routes and conquer heights. ‘Hub Climbing’ is a top-notch climbing facility that offers supervised climbs, classes, and even birthday party packages for aspiring climbers.

8. Interactive Science Centers

Ignite curiosity and scientific exploration at interactive science centers. Places like the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto (just a short drive from Mississauga) offer hands-on exhibits, educational demonstrations, and interactive workshops that make learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) a fun and engaging  indoor games experience for kids. From experimenting with physics principles to exploring the wonders of space, these centers inspire a love for learning and critical thinking in young minds.

9. Indoor Swimming Pools

Make a splash with indoor swimming adventures! Mississauga’s recreation centers feature indoor pools with designated family swim times, swim lessons, and aquatic activities suitable for children of all swimming abilities. Swimming not only provides a refreshing way to beat the summer heat but also promotes physical fitness, water safety skills, and confidence in the water. ‘Meadowvale Community Centre’ and ‘Frank McKechnie Community Centre’ are popular spots for indoor swimming fun.

10. Musical Instrument Workshops

Encourage a love for music through hands-on musical instrument workshops. Many music schools and community centers in Mississauga offer introductory sessions where kids can learn to play instruments like the piano, guitar, drums, or violin under the guidance of experienced instructors. Learning music enhances cognitive skills, coordination, creativity, and discipline, fostering a lifelong appreciation for the arts. ‘Mississauga School of Music’ provides comprehensive music programs tailored for young musicians of all ages and interests.

11. Cooking and Baking Classes

Introduce your young chefs to the world of culinary delights with cooking and baking classes. Many culinary schools and community centers offer kid-friendly cooking workshops where children can learn basic kitchen skills, experiment with ingredients, and create delicious dishes under the guidance of experienced chefs. From baking cookies and cupcakes to preparing simple meals, these classes promote creativity, healthy eating habits, and confidence in the kitchen. ‘Munchkin Cooking’ is a popular choice for indoor games for kids. 

12. Storytime and Book Clubs

Nurture a love for reading and storytelling with interactive storytime sessions and book clubs. Public libraries in Mississauga host regular storytime events where librarians engage children with captivating stories, songs, and activities.

Additionally, many libraries offer book clubs for different age groups, allowing kids to explore literature, discuss books, and participate in themed book-related events. ‘Mississauga Library System’ provides a wide range of literary programs and resources for young readers.

13. Indoor Sports Leagues

Stay active and competitive with sports leagues indoor games for kids. Mississauga’s sports complexes and community centers organize indoor sports leagues such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and hockey for various age groups. These leagues not only promote physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship but also offer opportunities for kids to develop their skills, make new friends, and enjoy organized sports activities year-round. ‘Mississauga Sport Leagues’ is a hub for indoor sports leagues and tournaments.

14. Puppet Shows and Theater Performances

Immerse kids in the magic of live theater with puppet shows and theatrical performances. Mississauga’s cultural venues and theaters often host family-friendly puppet shows, musicals, and plays that captivate young audiences with storytelling, music, and colorful characters. Attending live performances not only sparks imagination and creativity but also fosters an appreciation for the performing arts. ‘Living Arts Centre’ and ‘City Playhouse Theatre’ are renowned venues for family-friendly theater experiences.

15. Coding and Robotics Workshops

Empower young minds with coding and robotics workshops that combine education and technology in a fun and interactive way. Several coding academies and STEM centers in Mississauga offer hands-on workshops where kids can learn programming languages, build robots, and engage in STEM challenges. These workshops promote computational thinking, problem-solving skills, and digital literacy, preparing kids for future careers in technology and innovation. ‘CoderZ’ and ‘STEM Camp’ provide engaging coding and robotics programs for kids of all skill levels.


What is there to do in Mississauga for kids today?

Jurassic World: The Exhibition


Rec Room.

K1 Speed.

Adventure HUB.

What are the best indoor games for kids?

Treasure hunt: Exploring and problem-solving.

Simon says: Listening and following instructions.

Story building: Unleashing the imagination.

Puzzle race: Cognitive development and fine motor skills.

What is indoor play activities?

Video games to arts and crafts, as well as activities such as board games, puzzles and going to an indoor playground.

What is a popular indoor game?

Indoor games for kids include chess, card games, games played with gamesmen and dice and carrom.


Mississauga offers a treasure trove of indoor games and activities that cater to kids’ diverse interests and preferences. Whether they’re solving puzzles in an escape room, putting their way through mini-golf courses, bouncing at a trampoline park, strategizing over board games, or diving into virtual reality adventures, there’s no shortage of excitement and entertainment to be had this summer. So, gather your young adventurers and embark on a journey of fun and discovery right in the heart of Mississauga!