People are always excited to get out and about, get new experiences, and explore possibilities with their mental capabilities.

To celebrate the holiday whimsy and bring smiles to everyone’s faces, you can announce a Halloween escape room at home.

You can create a spine-chilling scene just like how it’s done in horror escape rooms to feel festive. 

Are you intrigued by the idea?

Here is an easy-to-follow guide to plan a Halloween escape room at home.

Halloween Escape Room at Home: 4 Simple Steps

An infographic on halloween escape room at home

Before you start preparing the riddles and puzzles inspired by the horror escape rooms, you need to count the people who are most likely to come for the activity.

Because of this, it will become simple for you to decide on a location for a Halloween escape room at home.

The location can be a single room of your house, the entire place, or the garden.

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1. Venue To Hold the Escape Room Activity 

If the number of guests is less, you can use a smaller place in your house. Achieving a creepy chic look in a small space would be an easy job. 

However, when the venue is small, you need to be creative and smart when placing the riddles and puzzles.

It is best if the players are all young and you want them to polish their critical skills while ensuring their safety.

On the contrary, if the group is large, you can use the entire house for decoration or even use the garden.

Location for Groups of Different Sizes

If you are turning the whole place into a location like the horror escape rooms, make a rough map of your house, starting with the front door. 

Then, list any location that would be a good site for hidden puzzles or serve as a guide for objects as they are moved throughout the house.

Alternatively, to create a Halloween escape room at home without the confines of walls, you can lock the players in the backyard.

You can hide the clues at different corners of the backyard and make the story level-wise.

In this manner, the players will gradually find a key to unlock the Halloween escape room at home. 

2. Storylines for a Good Fright

To create a Halloween escape room at home, you can go for a couple of plots from famous stories.

In fact, for horror escape rooms, you can watch movies that can give anyone creeps.

Here are our top three ideas for a Halloween escape room at home storyline ideas:

Murderer on a Killing Spree

It is the perfect theme for horror escape games if you’re searching for something eerie that could get even worse with more details. 

Lost in an Unfamiliar Territory 

Imagine a plot where wind and driving rain caused a group of friends to become disoriented, so they tried to find their way back to the campsite but ended up getting lost in an unknown site. 

They know that they are lost, and it’s better to stay put rather than scavenge through the woods, so they make plans to find a way back to the campsite.

Foul Creatures from Another Planet

After making their landing, a crew of extraterrestrials started leaving unusual things in strange locations. To spell out the location of the spaceship and save their world from the aliens, players must gather all clues and get out of the location.

Your guests can build the perfect team to solve these stories and have endless fun.

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3. Place the Clues 

After deciding on a theme, you can select accessories and hints that complement the scene you’ve constructed. 

It’s useful to consider whether the prop has a function or meaning that correlates to your story. 

This helps in identifying the objects that enhance the immersion. Since escape games involve letters and numbers, you can think of objects like clocks, books, and maps to hide information. 

Since you may use objects from around the house or office, it is naturally easier to build a modern scene with common people and circumstances.

As players advance through the game, they can find and uncover clues or receive them by opening doors or compartments. 

Padlocks are an essential component of escape games, and you can usually find a range of types at your neighbourhood hardware shop, such as electronic, directional, word, or number padlocks. 

4. Plan the Gameflow 

Highlight props and items that are part of the Halloween escape room at home so that players can quickly identify which ones are clues. 

One way to help the group identify clues in the game is to put a neon fabric strap on or near the clues. 

You must find out how you will provide hints to players who get stuck and require encouragement to proceed.

Making a game flow chart will help you grasp the overall situation of the players. 

Hence, you’ll know how players will advance through the Halloween escape room at home. 

This can also help you determine the smarter way to layer a puzzle into different portions. 

The game flow of the horror escape rooms can be linear or have several routes to different solutions. 


How can I test the Halloween escape room at home?

When building an escape room for friends or family in person, you can take feedback from people who might be farther away.

What if people get stuck in a Halloween escape room at home?

As a gamemaster, you can give them subtle instructions for the subsequent clues.

What should be the time limit for the Halloween escape room?

The time limit must be around 1 to 1.5 hours so the players don’t get bored.

In Conclusion

That is how you can set up a Halloween escape room at home that draws different people. 

Following the steps, you’ll watch people bring the game you created to life while enjoying the whole experience.

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