Are you going to an escape room for the first time, and your anxiety is causing a million questions to swim through your mind?

Panic no more; you can learn how to be good at escape rooms. Whether it’s your first time or you want to emerge as a winner after your last failure.

Today, we bring the best escape room tips in this blog to play with a problem-solving mindset.

Escape Rooms Tips: Move On Your Way to Sucess 

An infographic on how to be good at escape rooms

Here are some spectacular tips to learn how to be good at escape rooms.

1. Settle Your Nerves As You Enter

Once you arrive at the escape room of your choice, make sure it doesn’t affect your calm presence. 

To know how to be good at escape rooms, focus on time and energy as the door closes and the timer starts.

On stepping in, there will be numerous locks and set pieces dispersed across the space. 

You need to start the game by observing the items scattered across the layout of the room and collecting the information that seems to be useful.

Don’t ignore any hints or messages written on posters or furniture, as well as any clues concealed throughout the room.

If you think that you are left there hanging by the gamemasters, ask them questions. They might give you a few hints to ease the difficulty bar.

This is one of the best escape room tips to beat the game. Practically speaking, no one is going to disqualify you because of asking too many questions about the game.

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2. Fit the Puzzles to the Theme 

Search for puzzles and hints that can direct your future actions. 

Most escape rooms with a storyline are like a railroad track. That means you have to solve one challenge before going on to the next. 

You get to a second riddle after solving the first, and so forth. You may find clues to further riddles lying about, but they won’t make sense if you fail to follow the sequence.

If you want to learn how to be good at escape rooms with such themes, have a strong narrative focus. 

Players must work their way through a narrative piece by piece, with each puzzle maneuvering them along the plot.

Such escape room themes can have recurring symbols or objects that point you toward a particular set of puzzle answers. 

In the same way, numbers and colours may have symbolic meanings in escape rooms that can help you progress the game.

3. Don’t Get Tricked

To make a plan for how to be good at escape rooms and come out victorious, remember some items are not worth looking for. 

It is ineffective and possibly dangerous to spend time on such clues.

For instance, you shouldn’t pay extra attention to the following items.

Switches: Avoid tampering with the switchboards or electrical components. There may not be any hints here, and certain characteristics could be dangerous.

Difficult Numbers: The serial numbers on furniture and tools can just be a part of the escape room design.

Ceilings: Refrain from searching the ceiling for hints. The majority of the puzzle clues don’t require you to touch the ceiling. 

Things in escape rooms occasionally include stickers that read “Not included in the game” or “Do not touch”; these aren’t meant to trick you. Instead, they’re meant to serve as cautions. 

These signals alert you to the presence of batteries, delicate wiring, or just something that shouldn’t draw your attention.

4. Look for Quick Solutions and Learn How to Be Good at Escape Rooms

Finding every letter and number is not necessary while looking for words and combination numbers. 

For instance, searching for three digits for a coded lock with four numbers will get you through the entire process faster than trying to figure out the exact fourth number. 

This is one of the escape room tips that may work for most escape room settings.

Similarly, try fitting a word like you would in a crossword puzzle if a six-letter word has three or more letters.

5. Refrain from Mixing Up Puzzles 

Experienced players will give you escape room tips for gathering all the scattered items and setting them on a table to determine if they belong together. 

The best way to know how to be good at escape rooms is by remembering where you obtained each clue. 

The item was likely configured for a specific clue. And you never know which puzzle solves more than one clue.

Concentrate on one puzzle at a time to not let the escape room as a whole overwhelm you. 

If you have heard of this tip before, it is because these escape room tips really work. You can be productive and organized and get out of the escape room before the time limit ends.

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How challenging can be an escape room?

Usually, the escape rooms describe the difficulty level for the players to choose. Even if you don’t get to choose the difficulty level, then simply use our escape room tips.

Do the escape rooms have cameras?

To keep an eye on your live experience, some escape rooms have cameras.

Can I record or take pictures while I’m playing the escape games?

No, you cannot record or take pictures within the escape rooms. At the end of the game, you can ask the staff to take a picture.

Closing Thoughts 

After reading this blog, anyone can learn how to be good at escape rooms. Hence, use these escape room tips in your upcoming game to elevate the experience.

Also, team coordination is one of the great escape room tips to win the game.

Having said that, you don’t need to get worked up by worrying about the game. Irrespective of the end result, escape games allow you to make countless happy memories.

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