New entertainment options keep opening around us, but sometimes, you need options catering to large groups. After all, you would want to spend your leisure time with the people you love the most, and nothing is better than having them all in one place. This is where an escape room for large groups comes in to cater to your needs. 

However, the secret is to select the right escape room that can cater to everyone. Here is a complete guide on opting for the perfect escape room for a large group. 

Key Considerations When Choosing The Best Escape Room For Large Groups 

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It is crucial to have a few factors in mind that will enable you to select the best escape room for your needs. Let’s review some of the top considerations to keep in mind: 

  • Group Size 

When selecting an escape room for large groups, it’s important to consider the optimal group size for a balanced and enjoyable experience. While including as many people as possible might be tempting, overcrowding the room can lead to confusion and difficulty coordinating efforts. 

A recommended group size usually ranges from 4 to 8 participants. This ensures that everyone can actively contribute without feeling overwhelmed. We also recommend you confirm that the escape room venue can comfortably accommodate your large group. 

Escape rooms have a maximum capacity of people to fit inside the room. When you confirm this, it will provide you with more clarity on how large of a group you can take with you to the escape room. 

  • Difficulty Level 

Now that you have your large group and team, the next factor you must consider is the difficulty level of the escape room for large groups. You have many people in the group, and all of them will have a unique skill level in the escape room. Some people might be experienced in these games, while others may be beginners. 

Opt for a difficulty level that encourages collaboration and teamwork. A room that’s too easy might not engage everyone, while one that’s overly difficult could lead to frustration and decreased morale. Usually, escape rooms have a difficulty level range of easy, medium, and hard. 

We recommend not opting for the easy ones, as it doesn’t offer enough challenges in a large group. You can select between medium and hard to ensure everyone can shine within their skill set. At HintHunt, you can discuss the difficulty level ideal for your team, and we will recommend the best option for your large group. 

  • Theme

Each escape room is typically built around a unique theme that sets the stage for the adventure. When selecting an escape room, take the time to explore the various themes and storylines available. At HintHunt, we have various escape room themes, from scary to ocean, Zen, and more. 

We recommend you talk to your team members and discuss the themes that everyone will want to explore. Then, you can decide which will be the best for everyone involved. It will be a memorable and immersive experience for people in your group that everyone will love. 

  • Room Design 

The heart of any escape room experience lies in the design of the puzzles and challenges. For a large group, choosing an escape room that offers diverse puzzles and a thoughtfully designed environment is crucial to ensure everyone can actively participate and contribute. Select a room that offers a variety of puzzle styles to engage different skill sets within your group. 

If there are little puzzles that are not too complex, then they will not intellectually stimulate the mind of your large group. Because of this, you must select an escape room for large groups that caters to everyones needs. You can learn more about our room design and puzzles on our game pages. 

We have various room designs that offer different challenges and complexities. Our escape games have different designs that include props, physical clues, and more to explore. Be sure to select a design that suits you best so you can enjoy it with your large group. 

  • Availability And Booking Flexibility 

An escape room for large groups must have the availability and flexibility to accommodate a large group of people. It’s essential to check the escape room venue’s schedule to ensure that your preferred date and time align with the participants’ schedules. 

Consider exploring weekday options if your group’s schedule allows. Weekdays might offer more flexibility regarding available time slots and potentially lower costs. You can book flexible time slots at our HintHunt venues per your schedule.

Go through our booking page and book your escape room for large groups. Once you do, you can book the escape room most suitable to your liking and have a memorable experience. 

  • Reviews 

Reading reviews and testimonials from previous participants can provide valuable insights into the quality of the escape room experience. Online platforms, such as review websites, social media, and escape room forums, can offer much information. 

Personal recommendations from friends, colleagues, or acquaintances who have participated in escape rooms can also be extremely valuable in helping you make an informed choice. You can also conduct a Google search of “escape rooms near me” and find the best ones in your location.

Typically, you will find Google reviews for various escape room locations. We also recommend you check how the venue has responded to the reviews, especially negative ones. It will give you a glimpse into the customer service of the escape room. 

How To Plan A Successful Experience Of An Escape Room For Large Groups 

Now that you have chosen the ideal escape room for large groups, it is just as important to plan a successful experience. Here are some steps you can follow to ensure that the escape room experience is a success: 

  • Communication 

Communication is the backbone of any experience that requires a large group. Encourage participants to communicate openly, share ideas, and listen to one another to ensure everyone is on the same page. You can also begin the experience by assigning specific roles and responsibilities within the group to prevent confusion and chaos. 

Designate someone to take on a leadership role, guiding the group’s efforts and making final decisions in case of disagreements. During the entire experience, be sure to let everyone know that their input is valued. You can also encourage open dialogue so everyone can feel more free to speak up. 

These little things go a long way in creating a facilitating environment that allows everyone to do their part and win for the team. So, discuss everything and see how you will navigate the escape room experience. 

  • Prepare Yourself And Your Team 

Everyone has to be on the same page for an escape room for large groups to escape it in time. Provide a brief overview of the escape room concept for those unfamiliar. Explain that participants will be locked in a themed room and must solve puzzles to find clues and keys to escape within a given time frame.

Make sure everyone understands the time limit for the escape room. This prevents participants from feeling rushed or surprised as the clock ticks down. Consider creating a team name or identity that participants can use throughout the experience to allow everyone to feel part of a group and identify with it. 

As you do this and take charge, the people on your team will feel more confident tackling the escape room. It will take away the feeling of unfamiliarity and uncertainty as everyone knows what they have to do. 

  • Manage Your Time Effectively 

Time is one of the most critical elements of escape rooms, as you have sixty minutes to escape with your team members. Encourage your group to set time milestones to track their progress and ensure they’re on the right track. Suggest checking the time at a quarter and a half marks during the escape. 

Before you start your escape room, map out everything you will do and how you will do it. Then, as you keep managing the escape, you can check the time every while. It will help you decide how to move forward and finish the escape room on time. 

Final Thoughts 

That was your guide on finding the best escape room for large groups. If you are looking for one of the best escape rooms in Mississauga, you must not look further than HintHunt. We have various escape rooms to cater to large groups and people. 

Our escape rooms are also available for large corporate events to help businesses with team building. So, whether you want to book your escape room for loved ones or employees, connect with us