Gaming and leisure activities have evolved to include new ideas and methods, making them more interesting, challenging, and adding the corporate dimension to their process. Much of the similar case revolves around escape rooms that have changed over time for several reasons. Currently, as we step in 2022, people are wondering how escape rooms look like during the new year. Therefore, we have compiled a complete guide regarding everything you need to know about escape rooms in 2022, including:

  • What Is An Escape Room?
  • Determining the Expectations Regarding the Escape Room Experience
  • Why Be 2022 Will Different For Escape Rooms?
  • How are Escape Rooms Going to Evolve?
  • Why are Escape Rooms Still Popular in 2022?


Before determining the things you need to know about escape rooms, the most important question is the meaning of an escape room. Usually, an escape room involves an artificial setting mimicking a real-life environment where you have to find clues and other related information to escape. Usually, the game is played with other players in teams. With such an introduction, let’s proceed to what you need to know about an escape room in 2022.


First, you need to know what to expect when in an escape room. Here, many different things need to be considered:

  • Clock: Your biggest adversary in an escape room is the clock: time is never on your side. In most cases, the escape room may have a time setting, showing different variations as time passes. However, you must beat the room within the allotted time.
  • Diversity: If you play ludo, there is usually one standard setting, and everything revolves around the same setting. However, these rooms are one of the most diverse escape games you can find today. Everything in an escape room can be customized by different providers, including the puzzles involved, strategies set, and the game’s setting. Such things can’t be found in other games.
  • Locks and Keys: A false perception regarding escape rooms is that the entire game revolves around opening locks with different keys and then repeating the process with the next set. However, that is not the case. Instead, escape rooms involve many different puzzles, strategies, and other factors apart from most other games. To beat the room, you may have to solve many different puzzles, ranging from physical ones to mathematical ones.
  • Scary: Remember, the horror theme is another false perception regarding escape rooms. Although some escape rooms have a horror/ thriller set, most escape rooms also have other settings. Just playing an escape room does not mean that it will be based on the horror theme.


Throughout their history, escape rooms have been predominantly physical games where people come together in a physical environment to find clues, solve puzzles, and beat the room. However, the current year is going to be much different. With the increase in the spread of Covid-19’s new variant, many places worldwide are imposing strict lockdowns. Therefore, physical gatherings aren’t possible, making it crucial for people to find online forms of collaboration, working together, and having group activities.

Therefore, most escape rooms in 2022 are likely to be virtual. These escape rooms work by having a website or server created where virtual rooms are designed with all the features of a physical escape room. There are virtual puzzles, virtual clues, and online methods of communication and collaboration with team members. People from all around the world can join as a team. This aspect is specifically helpful since most companies are now hiring people globally during the pandemic, offering them flexible working opportunities.

The benefit of such escape rooms is that they are safer and will prevent the spread of the virus by avoiding stocking many people in enclosed spaces. However, there are considerable downsides here as well. The level of interaction and teamwork in physical settings is not possible when playing or collaborating online. Similarly, communication issues may delay significant progress in the game, resulting in many teams not winning at the escape room.


With the addition of the virtual dimension, hybrid escape rooms may be developed by the end of 2022. Here, the escape room will be based on physical and virtual dimensions. Some tasks would require physical completion, while simultaneously, team members may come in virtually to work on other tasks. This way, the games can evolve further. They can also become more fun and challenging for the players as well.

The market is growing for escape rooms and other related leisure and team-building activities. These activities can help team members work on a single goal while releasing the work stress. The best part here is that close communication and collaboration can form a lasting understanding between group members. This way, the firm can benefit extensively as well.


The main reason for escape rooms’ popularity is their widespread availability and diversity. No other game can offer a few options and diverse choices as escape rooms. Furthermore, many escape rooms are highly affordable for individual players and corporations. Instead of using another, expensive alternative to build team spirit or relax, many prefer escape rooms to get the job done. A huge benefit is that even families can use them to have an interesting time with kids. Most parents who have stressful weekdays can use escape rooms to release stress and have quality family time. Therefore, escape rooms cater to a large audience, making them a mass-market product in the leisure and entertainment category.


If you are interested in spending quality time and having a great memory to cherish, try out the escape rooms near you. We hope that the information we have provided will help you determine the best escape room for your needs.