Over the last few years, escape games have become extremely popular as they give people a space to have a fun-filled activity while teaching them invaluable life lessons and survival skills.

The exciting and challenging environment of escape games allows parents to spend quality time with their kids, train them for the future, and evaluate their natural ability to communicate, decide and solve.

Many escape room centers have a special escape rooms for kids in which they can learn important skills like decision-making, problem-solving, and planning while playing interactive and immersive games.

However, picking the right escape is a little tough, as parents and guardians have many options due to the soaring popularity and availability of escape games, but only some of them are kid-appropriate and give a quality experience.

As escape room experts, we have done a lot of research and have picked a few points that you should consider and a few that you should avoid while picking escape rooms for your kids.



The first thing that parents should consider while picking an escape room for their kids is to consider their kid’s age and finding an escape room that is suitable for that age group.

There are some escape games in which kids can participate without their parents, but some escape rooms have a restriction that kids below a certain age can’t participate without a parent and guardian, and they should check those regulations before going to the escape room center to prevent themselves from any issues and problems.

At Hint Hunt, the minimum age requirement for any game is 14 years old, and if any kid is younger than that, then they have to be with a guardian.

Picking an escape game that is suitable for your kids’ age group is important for giving them a good experience, as the games would have a moderate difficulty level, and kids would actually enjoy playing.

For younger children between the ages of 5-8, you should look for escape rooms that are more immersive and less challenging.

Those escape rooms should have simpler puzzles and fewer obstacles to give your kids a good introduction to escape rooms.

For older children between the ages of 9-12 can solve more complex puzzles and challenges. You should pick escape rooms that have a more complex storyline and more challenging puzzles, as simple escape rooms will not entertain them.

Teenagers, ages 13 and up, can handle even more complex puzzles and obstacles. Escape rooms for this age group often have more intricate storylines and more challenging puzzles.


Picking a theme that meets the liking and taste of your kids is super important as they have to spend an hour in that escape room, and if you pick one that does not match their taste, then they will feel bored and confined, and it would ruin their escape room experience.

If your kids are into mystery, crime, and detective themes, then mystery and case-solving escape rooms like Hint Hunt’s The Zen Room are perfect for them.

If your kids are into horror and supernatural themes, then games with a vampire or Dracula theme can be a great pick for them.

If your kids are in sci-fi, then games like Hint Hunt’s Submarine Deep Down and Submarine Torpedo are great for them.


It is important to check the difficulty level of the escape game before going there with your kids, as some escape games are designed for escape game experts and have extremely complex themes, challenging puzzles, and confusing hints.

Escaping from those escape rooms as a newbie player is extremely difficult, and they can shatter the confidence levels of noobs and kids, so it is best to pick an escape game that matches the skill set of your kids so they can enjoy every moment.

If your kids are new to escape games, then always start with a beginner-level room. Beginner-level rooms are less challenging and more interactive, making them a great introduction to escape rooms.

For kids who have been to escape rooms before, you should choose a more challenging room. The medium-level and advance level escape rooms often have more complex puzzles and obstacles, making them a great challenge for older and experienced children.


Checking online reviews and ratings before picking an escape game for kids can save you from a bad experience. Some escape room centers open escape rooms for kids without proper precautions and measures with inappropriate scary themes and overly complex puzzles, and confusing hints.

Some escape game centers don’t have any problems in the escape room, but they are poorly managed, and parents have to wait in long queues to enter, which ruins the overall experience.

Online reviews and ratings can help you identify those escape room centers, and you can become aware of what you are going for, what you can expect, and whether it’s worth your time and money.


Always go through the safety features and never take risks for the safety of your kids while picking escape rooms. Always check if the escape rooms have proper emergency exits, clear instructions, trained first aid professionals, and escape room supervisors supervising them.

It’s also important to make sure that the escape room is designed according to children’s safety standards and does not have any dangerous hurdles and obstacles. Some escape rooms have physical constraints, so always ensure that those constraints are age appropriate and do not pose a danger to your kids.

Some escape rooms have age or height restrictions for certain obstacles or activities. Make sure to check these restrictions before booking a room to ensure that your child can safely participate in all aspects of the escape room.


Escape rooms allow you to take your kids on a fun-filled day out and provide a great opportunity for children to work together, solve puzzles, and build critical thinking skills while having fun.

Choosing an age and interest-appropriate escape room for your kid increases your chances of giving a quality escape room experience to your kids.

Apart from age and interest, you should also consider other important factors like the theme, difficulty level, reviews, ratings, and safety features to ensure that your child has a great time and stays safe while participating in the escape room.