What can be more exciting than a weekend spent with the joy of unfolding a captivating narrative?

An escape room in a box is a perfect experience for family and friends in search of a cure for boredom. 

The purpose of an escape room in a box is to embed surprises and twists in any room. 

These kits come with cryptic messages you must decode with the team. 

For those who want to create an atmosphere like escape games in Mississauga, we have prepared a compilation of the escape room in a box.

To get the fun-filled moments in the face of the clock ticking, scroll down!

9 High-Quality Escape Rooms in a Box

The level of difficulty of an escape room in a box matters. Even the most complex, enchanting, or frightening escape rooms can feel unsatisfactory if the challenges are too simple. 

Playing such games has many mental benefits, regardless of your age group.

Since we know that nothing is more fulfilling than finishing a tough escape room task just in time for escape room lovers, the following are our top picks:

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1. Exit: The Game 

A screenshot of Exit The Game

It is a series introduced in an escape room in a box format that immerses players in various unique situations.

Every story in the series comes with a different story that makes Exit catch up with the calibre of escape games in Mississauga.

Players are imprisoned in various enigmatic settings in every game, from hidden laboratories to deserted huts. 

Elements of the Game 

To solve this game, you need to decipher the following:

  • Codes
  • Riddles
  • Puzzles 
  • Answer Cards 
  • Help

Exit stands out for its innovative elements, including card decks, enigmatic objects, and a decoder wheel. 

Once the player finishes all the puzzles of this escape room in a box, they can review their performance in the game manual’s back section.

To judge the performance, the players can check how quickly they finished and how many Help cards they used. 

2. The Cursed Dollhouse 

A screenshot of the escape room in a box cursed dollhouse

This escape room in a box deserves high praise for making it as real as the escape room in Mississauga.

The challenges in this game are difficult to solve. 

This escape room appeals to experts and problem solvers. 

The set’s exceptional design features a dollhouse filled with puzzles and real-world hints that offer a fantastic experience to the players. 

The game can be finished in one go or broken up into numerous shorter sessions. 

People play this game several times because there is no need to change the pieces in any way to win. 

Players can check for hints and obtain suggestions on what songs to play to set the mood for their escape rooms.

Elements of the Game

Having a real dollhouse with interactive furniture and accessories is not a common idea. 

The narrative is creepy and expertly constructed. Links to Spotify playlists containing eerie music are available on the official website so you can play along while listening. 

On top of that, the website offers downloadable replacements for the game components that must be cut, folded, or adjusted during play and directions for staging the Cursed Dollhouse for a different group.

Below are the pieces you will discover once you open this escape room in a box:

  • A full-sized 3D dollhouse featuring five pieces of 3D furniture, including beds and tables, and more than four rooms to explore.
  • More than 20 hints and puzzle pieces
  • Five doll characters crosswords
  • Solution Wheel 
  • Reset guidelines

This escape room in a box is on the pricier side. 

3. Escape the Crate 

Screenshot of escape the crate game

Do you love the concept where the main character travels to different timelines to change the present?

Then, this escape room in a box will give you the chance to live the life of your imagination.

The players can review all the background information and game instructions if they have never played a game before.

Elements of the Game 

The central premise of this escape game in a box is that time travel exists and that there is a covert organization whose goal is to correct the timeline. This storyline of the game provides consistency across the game.

Above all, it allows up a lot of potential game mechanics, making it feel less like each game has a new beginning.

To decipher the codes and puzzles, these things will help you:

Glossy papers




For a similar theme, you can try the Submarine Deep Down.

4. Escape: The Mystery of Oak Island

A screenshot of the mystery of oak island escape room game

This escape room in a box is a great combination of difficulty and clever design. 

The players can begin the game as soon as they take it out of the box. There is no need to set it up. 

It is a murder mystery that takes two to three hours to complete. 

Elements of the Game 

It is a handcrafted game that costs around $89.98. The number of props and items included in this escape room in a box justifies the price of it.

The box is sealed with duct tape, and two smaller, secured cardboard boxes are inside it. 

One is the treasure chest, which is the box’s primary item. The three skulls box is the other. 

A map and a reminder are duct taped to the inside lid of the box. An envelope with an Atari-style skull that is yet to open, and a starting envelope.

  • A hint book
  • Padlocks 
  • Props 
  • Maps 
  • Gems 
  • Journals 
  • Message in a bottle
  • Pirate stories 
  • Ziplock bags 

5. Escape the Room: The Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat

A screenshot of Dr Gavelys retreat escape room game

This escape room in a box drags players into a spooky and enigmatic atmosphere. 

The game’s participants take on the roles of visitors to Dr. Gravely’s Retreat, a seemingly tranquil resort with a secret under the wraps. 

Players investigate the retreat’s numerous chambers as the story develops to unearth hints, solve riddles, and learn about its sinister mysteries. The game’s intricate designs and thematic components make for a gripping and engaging experience. 

Players have to work diligently to solve riddles and uncover the truth about Dr. Gravely’s Retreat under pressure from a running clock and a sense of urgency.

Elements of the Game 

The story begins in 1913 as the player wins a complimentary stay at Foxcrest Retreat, where renowned Dr. Gravely offers the most cutting-edge spa services and relaxation for the elite. 

The player travels to the retreat on a tiring train excursion. 

However, they and the other visitors might discover that the holiday is not quite what it looks like on getting there.

The goal is to search for hints and solve puzzles to learn the retreat’s sinister truth. 

  • 4 Sealed Envelopes
  • Scene Card
  • Secret Items 
  • Solution Wheel
  • Guide

6. Deckscape Series 

A screenshot of deckscape escape room in a box game

This escape room in a box has portable cards for players to start the game in the office or any other place without compromising comfort.

The Deckscape series transforms the escape room experience into a carry-on deck of cards, giving it a distinctive touch. 

Players receive a collection of cards representing rooms, items, and riddles in each game in the series, along with a unique tale. 

Players must complete puzzles, make decisions, and advance through the story. 

Elements of the Game

Deckscape stands out from different escape room board games due to its simple but innovative gameplay that relies on the players’ talent and card manipulation. 

The series of this escape room in a box covers a wide range of interesting situations.

Together, teams must locate the clues, gather and use objects, combine and use items, and escape from a certain room, structure, or location. 

A deck of cards organized in a specific order is the basis for the entire game. 

Cards are drawn out throughout the game and stored away for later use, which can help in future puzzle solutions. 

Players must work their way through the deck by solving problems that include splitting the cards from the deck into two piles in a specific order.

Those leaving on a vacation or trip with large groups can take this escape room in a box with them.

7. Finders Seekers 

A screenshot of the finders seekers website

If you want an escape room in a box requiring mental effort, you should check out Finders Seekers.

It is a good game with a medium difficulty level, with two easy puzzles and two tough ones.

People who like learning about other cities and landmarks and solving puzzles both with hands and brains will fall for this game.

Elements of the Game 

It is available in a monthly subscription package in the escape room format. The players get a mystery puzzle box with Finders Seekers that features a brand-new destination theme every month. 

The physical components in the box are:

  • Cardstock
  • Photographs 
  • Puzzles 

The players get a mini vacation experience with this escape room in a box, learning about other parts of the world as they answer puzzles and riddles!

8. Time Drifters: Isabel and Kira’s Story 

A screenshot of Time Drifters escape room game

This is a top-class escape room game in a box divided into two parts. 

This puzzle-solving endeavour will get much more fascinating once you finish both games in the Time Drifters series because you will have access to an additional 60-minute challenge.

Elements of the Game

The story revolves around time travellers–Kira and Isabel. Their time machine broke in two, trapping them in different eras.

Players can now solve the puzzle box’s mysterious clues individually or in teams of up to four. 

They will gain access to a third game with even more time-travel puzzles once you have finished Kira’s Story and Isabel’s Story. Players can play the third game of the series with a web-based videoconferencing service.

Mystery solvers get:

  • Broken half of the time machine 
  • Paper puzzles
  • Physical puzzles 

You may have a lot of intriguing fun with this exciting board game at every game night.

Not to mention, you must purchase Kira’s and Isabel’s stories separately to obtain the add-on material.

9. The Werewolf Experiment 

A screenshot of the werewolf experiment escape room in a box

This escape room in a box game puts you in a world where you must find a cure for the virus, turning people into wolves.

This game is perfect for a group of 4 to 8 people. If one player misses a clue, the whole group will be left scratching their heads.

That is because the puzzles are all interconnected.

Elements of the Game 

The Werewolf Experiment is a box set of 19 puzzles for an escape room that your group must solve. The players have an hour to solve the puzzles in this at-home game.

Keep in mind that if you don’t, a mad scientist will turn you into a werewolf. 

The bevy of items you get in the box include:

  • Three real locks 
  • Timer
  • Hints
  • Series of Puzzles 
  • Paper and pencils

You don’t have to worry about breaking any pieces while playing this game, so you may give it to a friend or play it again.


What does an escape room in a box mean?

With all the same challenges of finding clues, comprehending, and solving puzzles, escape room boxes bring the fun and excitement of actual escape rooms into your home. 

Which escape room boxes are suitable for use at work?

You can take any escape room in a box with portable puzzles and games to the workplace(if allowed).

What are the best puzzles for an escape room in a box?

As the player moves from clue to clue, the previous puzzle should connect to the next puzzle organically.

Final Thoughts 

These are the nine escape room in a box options with wild swings in the middle and a rewarding finale. No matter which one you try first, it will have you in stitches while solving the story.

At Hint Hunt Canada, you get the very best experience of an escape in Mississauga. Our rooms are designed with clever ideas and detailed precision to immerse participants from every age group into the experience.