Are you planning a birthday party in Mississauga and in search of the perfect venue to host your celebration? Look no further! Mississauga, Ontario, boasts a variety of fantastic venues that are ideal for birthday parties of all sizes and themes. Whether you’re looking for a cozy space for an intimate gathering or a larger venue for a grand celebration, Mississauga has something to offer for everyone.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 14 birthday party event venues in Mississauga, including the number one spot, Hint Hunt Canada.

Our #1 Pick for Birthday Party Event Venues in Mississauga – Hint Hunt Canada

Starting our list with the best birthday party event venues in Mississauga, Hint Hunt Canada is a thrilling and unique venue that offers an unforgettable birthday party experience. Located in the heart of Mississauga, Hint Hunt Canada combines the excitement of escape rooms with the joy of celebrating a special occasion.

Imagine stepping into a world of mystery and intrigue as you and your guests work together to solve puzzles, crack codes, and unravel mysteries within a set time limit. Hint Hunt Canada provides various themed rooms, each with its own storyline and challenges, ensuring a new and exciting adventure every time you visit.

For a birthday party, Hint Hunt Canada offers customizable packages that include exclusive use of the escape rooms, dedicated hosts to guide your group, and optional add-ons like catering and decorations. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or simply want to treat your friends to an adrenaline-pumping experience, Hint Hunt Canada is sure to impress.

2. Playdium

Next on our list for birthday party event venues in Mississauga is Playdium, a popular entertainment complex that caters to guests of all ages. Located near Square One Shopping Centre, Playdium offers a vast array of attractions, making it an ideal venue for a fun-filled birthday celebration.

From arcade games and virtual reality experiences to go-kart racing and mini-golf, Playdium has something for everyone. Their party packages include access to attractions, reserved party rooms, food and beverage options, and dedicated party hosts to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

For a birthday party that combines excitement, competition, and laughter, Playdium is a fantastic choice in Mississauga.

3. Studio.89

If you’re looking for a more laid-back and artistic atmosphere for your birthday party event venues in Mississauga, Studio.89 is the place to be. As a community hub and cafe, Studio.89 offers a cozy and welcoming space for intimate gatherings and creative celebrations.

Located in the Streetsville area of Mississauga, Studio.89 provides a range of party options, including craft workshops, art activities, and themed events. You can work with their team to customize your party package, choosing from a variety of activities, catering options, and decorations to suit your preferences.

Studio.89 also has a strong focus on sustainability and community engagement, making it a socially conscious choice for your birthday celebration. Whether you’re hosting a small group of close friends or a larger gathering, Studio.89 offers a unique and meaningful party experience.

4. Laser Quest

For an action-packed birthday party event venues in Mississauga that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping, Laser Quest is an excellent choice. Located on Dundas Street East in Mississauga, Laser Quest offers an immersive laser tag experience that’s perfect for birthday parties of all ages.

Step into a multi-level arena filled with fog, music, and special effects as you and your friends engage in thrilling laser tag battles. Laser Quest provides party packages that include game sessions, private party rooms, pizza and refreshments, and personalized birthday announcements during the games.With the excitement of laser tag and the camaraderie of competing against friends, Laser Quest guarantees a memorable and exhilarating birthday celebration.

5. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Next on the list for birthday party event venues in Mississauga is Sky Zone Trampoline Park, an indoor entertainment venue that promises high-flying fun for birthday parties. Located on Matheson Boulevard East in Mississauga, Sky Zone offers a range of trampoline activities, obstacle courses, and foam pits that are sure to delight guests of all ages.

Their birthday party packages include jump time, private party rooms, party hosts, food and beverage options, and Sky Zone merchandise for the birthday child. Guests can bounce, flip, and soar to their hearts’ content in a safe and supervised environment. Sky Zone also offers additional add-ons such as glow parties, dodgeball games, and toddler jump sessions, making it a versatile choice for birthday parties tailored to your preferences.

6. Studio Event Theatre

If you’re looking for versatile birthday party event venues in Mississauga, Studio Event Theatre is an excellent choice. Located in the heart of Mississauga, this spacious event space offers modern amenities and customizable options to create the perfect party atmosphere. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a large-scale bash, Studio Event Theatre can accommodate your needs with its flexible floor plan and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.

With its sleek design and contemporary ambiance, Studio Event Theatre provides a sophisticated backdrop for birthday parties of all kinds. Their experienced event planners can help you design a personalized celebration, from themed decor to gourmet catering options. Whether you prefer a formal sit-down dinner or a lively cocktail reception, Studio Event Theatre ensures a memorable experience for you and your guests.

7. Mississauga Celebration Square

For a birthday party venue that showcases the vibrant spirit of Mississauga, look no further than Mississauga Celebration Square. This iconic outdoor space serves as the city’s premier destination for community events, festivals, and cultural celebrations.

Mississauga Celebration Square offers a picturesque setting with its open-air stage, interactive fountains, and modern architecture. Depending on the time of year, your birthday party can coincide with one of the many events or festivals held at the square, adding an extra layer of excitement to your celebration.

You can choose to host a picnic-style gathering, set up a private tented area, or reserve a nearby indoor venue for your birthday festivities. With access to amenities, catering options, and a dynamic atmosphere, Mississauga Celebration Square provides a memorable backdrop for your special day.

8. Culinaria Restaurant

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and culinary-focused birthday party event venue in Mississauga, Culinaria Restaurant offers an elegant dining experience in Mississauga. This fine dining establishment specializes in modern Canadian cuisine, featuring seasonal ingredients and exquisite flavors. Their private dining rooms are ideal for intimate gatherings, with customizable menus and impeccable service to ensure a memorable celebration.

9. Kidsports Indoor Playground

For parents planning a birthday party for younger children, Kidsports Indoor Playground provides a safe and exciting environment for active play. The venue offers multi-level play structures, slides, ball pits, and climbing walls, keeping kids entertained for hours. Birthday party packages include playtime, party rooms, pizza, and dedicated party hosts for a stress-free experience.

10. Sauga Sports Academy

For sports enthusiasts or those looking for a birthday party event venues in Mississauga, Sauga Sports Academy offers indoor sports facilities and party packages. You can choose from activities such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and more, with trained coaches to organize games and ensure everyone has a blast. The venue provides party rooms, equipment, and refreshments, making it a great choice for active celebrations.

11. The Rec Room

Located in Square One Shopping Centre, The Rec Room is a bustling entertainment complex offering a variety of activities perfect for birthday parties. Guests can enjoy arcade games, virtual reality experiences, live entertainment, and a selection of food and drinks. The venue also has private event spaces and customizable party packages for a fun-filled celebration.  

12. Mississauga Grand Banquet and Event Centre

For those planning a larger birthday celebration or a formal event, the Mississauga Grand Banquet and Event Centre is an ideal choice. This elegant venue features luxurious banquet halls, professional event planning services, customizable menus, and a dedicated team to ensure every detail of your party is executed flawlessly.

13. Riddle Room

Another one of the top birthday party event venues in Mississauga, Riddle Room offers immersive puzzle-solving experiences for birthday parties. Guests can choose from a variety of themed rooms, each with its own unique challenges and mysteries. With expertly designed puzzles and themed environments, Riddle Room provides an engaging and memorable birthday celebration for all ages.

14. Celebrity Dance Emporium

Last on our list for birthday party event venues in Mississauga is Celebrity Dance Emporium which offers dance-themed party packages. Whether you’re interested in ballroom, salsa, hip-hop, or other dance styles, their experienced instructors can create a fun and energetic party experience. Guests can learn new dance moves, enjoy performances, and celebrate in style on the dance floor.


What makes a good birthday party?

Create a Guest List.

Pick a Venue.

Choose a Theme.

Decide on a Time.

Send Invitations in Advance.

Have Plenty of Activities.

Does a birthday party need a theme?

A larger party typically does need a theme.

Where should I throw my birthday party?

Escape Room.


Bar or Cocktail Lounge.


How do you create a budget for a party?

First come up with the total amount you’re willing to spend on the party. Then, split your budget up into categories, like the venue, caterer, florist, musician, and so on.


Mississauga boasts an array of fantastic birthday party event venues that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re seeking adventure, entertainment, community engagement, or cultural immersion, these top 14 birthday party event venues in Mississauga have you covered. From Hint Hunt Canada’s immersive escape rooms to Mississauga Celebration Square’s vibrant outdoor space, each venue offers a unique experience that will make your birthday celebration truly unforgettable.